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This section of the tutorials will provide information on the files and impulse response uploading procedures for Kemper Profiling Amp hardware units.

File Type Overview

Like most DSP platforms, under the hood the Kemper Profiling Amp platforms operate on a proprietary firmware, and any importable external content will need to be in a format that is understandable by the system. In some cases, conversion is done upon import and transparent to the user, and with others external conversion is first required prior to attempted import. The Kemper Profiler has up through the latest update of this page (pending what may or may not change as a result of their new editor software), required the latter.

It stands to be that without question, the Kemper Profiling Amp has the most unique approach to digital amp and cabinet modeling, and this is reflected in its importable configuration file formats. As such, the output configuration "cab" files will be much smaller in size than many would expect an impulse response file to be. This is normal, and is a product of the way the platform works and how the system responds to external user imported content in the form of amp and cabinet profile configuration information, and "what" is actually inside these cabinet configuration (.kipr) files.

For conversion to the Kemper proprietary cabinet configuration file format, one will need the "Kemper Cab Maker" software from the Utilities section of the Kemper Amps Downloads Page.

As also defined on the File Formats page:

Our files that are most appropriate with this platform:
Mono • 44.1 kHz • 200 ms • Minimum Phase Transformed

Parent folder to use:
OwnHammer IRs\Mono 44100 Hz

File Loading Procedure

New way - via graphic editor:

Old way - before graphic editor:

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