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This product category consists of program (.n2p) and vector (.n2v) files for the commercial Nebula plugin from Acustica Audio. Unlike traditional convolution reverb impulse responses, the Nebula engine operates around Volterra Kernels, and has the ability to represent dynamic sampling methods and capturing of harmonic distortion characteristics, if programmed to do so. These libraries were originally built, tested, and intended for Nebula 3, version 1.3.504.

C h a n n e l   C o l o r s

AL 1566
BA 12
BA 73

Fire Lizard
H Tone
Pacific Design
Rio Grande

P o w e r   A m p s

Egg 6L6
Egg 6V6
Egg KT77
Frame EL34

Frame KT77
FryHT KT88
Incendo 6L6
Ragdoll 5II

F r e q u e n t l y   A s k e d   Q u e s t i o n s

No. These libraries consist of files to be loaded into the "Nebula 3 add on for N4" plugin (available through the Aquarius product management console) from Acustica Audio.

  • Copy and paste the *.N2P files into:

  • Copy and paste the *.N2V files into:

  • As instructed in the PDF Manual, make sure you have copied the appropriate XML tags into:

  • From the Nebula 3 plugin UI, click "Init" to open the program menu and browse to the desired files.

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