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This section of the tutorials will provide information on the files and impulse response uploading procedures for Line 6 Helix hardware and software.

File Type Overview

Of the many accolades of the Helix platform, ease of use is certainly one of the primary bullet points. This is apparent in the straight forward and hassle free file format compatibility and file loading procedures for the system. All Helix family products accept wave audio (.wav) impulse response files directly, as well as their proprietary IR format (.hir) for products purchased from their online Marketplace web store.

As also defined on the File Formats page, our .wav files that are most appropriate with this platform are:

Mono • 48 kHz • 200 ms • Minimum Phase Transformed

What to download:
..Mono-L.zip (if applicable)

Parent folder to use:
OwnHammer IRs\Mono 48000 Hz

What to download:

Parent folder to use:

The files contained in the "Line6.zip" are a copy/paste of the 48 kHz, 200 ms, minimum phase transformed files from the Wav directory. These files work best with Line 6's Helix outboard units, as it allows you to mix IR's in parallel with files from any other source without time of flight/phase issues, as minimum phase transformation is a mathematical global standard. Minimum phase transformation does have a subtle "sound" to it (more clinical), so if you wish to add a touch of organic midrange to your tone and do not need to worry about mixing files with any other source beyond OwnHammer libraries, you can download and use the files from the "Fractal.zip", which are 48 kHz, 200 ms, non-minimum phase transformed files.

If mixing IR's in the Helix signal chain via loading multiple cabinet blocks, make sure you have them on the same processor path (there are two in the UI, the top line, and the bottom line). If mixing IR's on separate processor paths, you run the very likely possibility of the computations not being made in the same cycle, thus one will happen before the other, and the time of flight will not be the same for the two cabinets, resulting in an out of phase state.

File Loading Procedure

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