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File Formats

This section of the tutorials will provide information on the known operating sample rate of various 3rd party impulse response capable platforms, and which files are recommended for use with them.

If you have information on platforms not in this list you would like to help us add, please contact us and let us know!

Atomic Amps AmpliFIRE Series

Recommended content:   200ms MPT\48000 Hz

Fractal Audio Hardware

Recommended content if mixing with stock cabinets:   200ms MPT\48000 Hz
Recommended content if using only with OwnHammer IR's:   200ms RAW\48000 Hz

Headrush Pedalboard

Recommended content:   200ms MPT\48000 Hz

Kemper Profiler Series

Recommended content:   200ms MPT\44100 Hz

Line 6 Helix Series

Recommended content:   200ms MPT\48000 Hz

Two Notes Hardware

Recommended content:   200ms MPT\48000 Hz

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