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This section of the tutorials will provide information on the files and impulse response uploading procedures for Scuffham Amps S-Gear software.

File Type Overview

At the time of the writing of this tutorial, S-Gear has a 20,000 sample limit ceiling for IR file loading into the external IR segment. Working with S-Gear development on this use condition is the reason OwnHammer standardized the inclusion of the 200 ms files in impulse response libraries, and is what is recommended for use with this platform at the sample rate you are running your DAW session at.

Under the current parent directory of "OwnHammer IRs", all Mono files are 208 ms max length (as well as minimum phase transformed) and will be the ideal choice.

File Loading Procedure


Impulse Response Libraries
  • Acustica Audio N3
  • Fractal Audio Format
  • Line 6 Format
  • Wave Audio Format
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