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This section of the tutorials will provide information on the file format(s) and impulse response uploading procedures for Fractal Audio Systems hardware and software from the Axe-Fx II and onward. Original Axe-Fx Standard and Ultra users will need to contact Fractal Audio for support in converting and using 3rd party impulse responses.

File Type Overview

Like most DSP platforms, under the hood the Fractal Audio Systems hardware products convert external importable content to proprietary system exclusive ("SysEx" // .syx) format to be able to be utilized by the firmware. Unlike most DSP platforms, this is not necessarily transparent to the user as there are variations in how the user can compile these files to certain configurable subformats (Hi-Res, Ultra-Res, etc), and sub-configurations within each (raw, minimum phase transformed, trimmed, multi-file mixed, EQ shelf pre-application, etc). This is achieved through Fractal's proprietary Cab Lab software, which accepts wave audio (.wav) impulse response files as well as their proprietary encrypted .wav derivative format "IR" files (.ir) as input, and can then convert to .syx for direct drag and drop import.

As of version 3.12.0 of Axe-Edit and 1.7.0 of AX8-Edit, free Fractal editor companion software now allows for the import of .wav files, with all necessary conversion to proprietary formats being done behind the scenes and transparent to the user if so desired.

As also defined on the File Formats page:

Our files that are most appropriate with this platform:
Mono • 48 kHz • 200 ms • Minimum Phase Transformed

Parent folder to use:
OwnHammer IRs\Mono 48000 Hz

File Loading Procedure


Impulse Response Libraries
  • Acustica Audio N3
  • Fractal Audio Format
  • Line 6 Format
  • Wave Audio Format
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