AL 1566


Released on May 20, 2013.

Acustica Audio Nebula "preamp"/"console" style gain stage coloration programs based on the Altec 1566a preamp.           

Measurement data was acquired via Prism Orpheus conversion, Vovox cables, Avedis Audio adapters, and Rothwell attenuators.

Platform & Format Inclusions:

Acustica Audio Nebula

  • Version Required: Nebula 2 & 3 (commercial version ONLY) v1.3.504 and above
  • File Format: Program & Vector file pairs (.n2p, .n2v)
  • Sample Rate: 96 kHz (Nebula can re-sample internally to other rates)
  • 10 Kernel harmonic depth
  • GDRIVE+DRIVE gain structure control

Drive Programming:

Each program has a dual gain control, one for adjusting input/output levels (and subsequently where in the dynamic convolution set the audio will pass through), and one for increasing or decreasing harmonic saturation at the assigned level.


Microphone level and impedance signal fed the the microphone input.

Mic Cranked
Microphone level and impedance signal fed the the microphone input, with a 10 dB static attenuator placed on the output and the gain raised to compensate.

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