OwnHammer is the Musical Instruments industry's premier international source for bass and guitar speaker cabinet impulse responses, hailed by professional engineers and guitarists, hobbyists, and major equipment manufacturers alike as both the indisputable top choice and industry gold standard. Our decades of experience in both the artistic and technical side of guitar and music production ensure we understand form and function intimately, and are always setting the bar for both with new and exciting original concepts and executions.

With hundreds of different cabinets and speaker types in our inventory, OwnHammer provides an ever expanding catalog of the most meticulously crafted and easy to use guitar and bass cabinet impulse responses that cover every genre and tonal aesthetic. Additional included turn key solutions like pre-made multi-mic combinations based on techniques used on numerous platinum and gold selling records, simple to use file and folder organization, quick-start selections, and informative documentation make using OwnHammer products a breeze.

Play, create, and curate more with what you find at OwnHammer.com!

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Welcome! We HIGHLY recommend starting out with:

412 RECT Essentials

1 cab 1 speaker type
Workhorse V30

60 cabs 2 speaker types each
(r)Evolution Bundle

8 cabs 1 speaker type each

2 cabs 6 speaker types each

Featured Product Designer Hardwood

Moabi Custom
Woody, tight, resonant, ALIVE. This one of a kind, all solid hardwood 4x12 cabinet was shot with numerous speaker types to provide a results driven set of incredible sounding, mix-ready impulse responses, complemented with OwnHammer's first ever amp presets.

Available in formats compatible with:

Fractal Audio
Line 6
available now coming soon

Featured Product Workhorse Collections

OwnHammer's foremost impulse response product series, with multiple common language and easy to use mic configuration voicings across a span of 60+ cabinets per library, the Workhorse Collections provide something for everyone. From compact to cavernous, for clean to extreme in studio recording and live sound environments, these tone solution beasts just work! A Line 6 Marketplace exclusive.




Wav Format IR's Best Sellers

Wave Audio is the parent file type for impulse responses, and is compatible with the most amount of external devices and software. Developed for from 2010 to 2020, below are our most popular items from that period of product creation:


Core Tone

Heavy Hitters
Volume I

412 MRBW




Impulse Response Libraries
Convolution reverb configuration files that measure the linear data of a system, impulse responses of guitar cabinets used to be a geeky niche thing spoken of only on a few internet forums. OwnHammer changed all that, showed the world the power of what can be accomplished with these files, brought it to the mainstream, and changed the future of musical instrument equipment. Find out for yourself why OwnHammer is the industry leader.

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Knowledge Base
Whether you are new to impulse responses or simply want to learn more about the the products we offer and how best to use them, our knowledge base is there to guide you. Ever expanding, blazing new trials, and responsible for setting the vast majority of the various standards upheld by the market that followed, OwnHammer has an incredibly deep understanding of the underpinnings and intricacies of impulse responses and their wide usage.

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