Impulse Responses

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A c u s t i c a   A u d i o   N 3

This product category consists of program (.n2p) and vector (.n2v) files for the commercial Nebula plugin from Acustica Audio. Unlike traditional convolution reverb impulse responses, the Nebula engine operates around Volterra Kernels, and has the ability to represent dynamic sampling methods and capturing of harmonic distortion characteristics, if programmed to do so. These libraries were originally built, tested, and intended for Nebula 3.

F r a c t a l   A u d i o   F o r m a t

OwnHammer's longest standing partner, connecting within a week of our debut in 2010, Fractal Audio Systems is home to multiple world-renown outboard hardware digital guitar processors, known the world over for their robust horsepower and finely tuned and complex algorithms. OwnHammer impulse response libraries in the Fractal store are provided in .ir and .syx format for their compatible hardware and software.

L i n e   6   F o r m a t

One of digital amp modeling's foremost pioneers, Line 6 is a company that needs no introduction. Unleashing the featureful and incredibly user friendly Helix, Powercab, and Pod GO series of products, OwnHammer has been working closely with Line 6 since their onset. Their guitar solutions are of such caliber that we have dedicated some of our best work - such as the Workhorse Series - exclusively to their platforms.

W a v e   A u d i o   F o r m a t

Representing the core and bulk of the OwnHammer product catalog and hosting our most popular and acclaimed .wav format IR's, an extremely eclectic and powerful group of content can be found here. From the (r)Evolution Series to the Heavy Hitters to the GNR-M75 Massively Multi-Mic Collection and beyond, these universal platform impulse response libraries that defined and validated this market cover it all.

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