Single Cabinet Libraries

Item Name Price-

112 DLX

            "112 DLX" based on a Narrow Panel Deluxe open back 1x12 cabinet.  ...

112 DVRB

      "112 DVRB" based on a Fender Deluxe Reverb open back 1x12 combo.       "417"...

212 BOG-OS

                  "212 BOG-OS" based on a Bogner oversized...

212 BOG-SH

              "212 BOG-SH" based on a Bogner Shiva open back 2x12 cabinet.  ...

212 ORNG

      Jon Symons "Infinity" Jon Symons "My Sanctuary"       "212 ORNG" based on...


      Jon Symons "Invictus" Jon Symons "Revenant" Jon Symons Tutorial: Big Rock Guitar Tone Jon Symons...

212 VC30

              "212 VC30" based on a Vox AC30/6 open back fawn 2x12 combo.  ...

410 BOG

      "410 BOG" based on a Bogner open back 4x10 cabinet.       "BLUE" based on Weber...


            "410 SPRVRB" based on a Super Reverb 4x10 cabinet.     ...

412 DZL-RL

              "412 DZL-RL" based on a Diezel rear loaded 4x12 cabinet. ...

412 EDVH

      Jon Symons "Back To The Eighties!" Jon Symons "Walls"       "412 EDVH"...

412 ENG

                      "412 ENG" based on an Engl...

412 FMAN

      412 FMAN Introduction Jon Symons "Yellow Circle" Jon Symons "Planet PHAT" Jon Symons "Mellifluous" ...

412 MES-ST

      "412 MES-ST" based on a 2001 Mesa Boogie Standard slant 4x12 cabinet.       ...


      Jon Symons "Badonk" (+ tutorial) Jon Symons "I, Stone" Jon Symons "Vivacious" Jon Symons "Baritone...

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