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No. Workhorse IR's are in Line 6's ".hir" file format, which is a proprietary encryption only readable by the Line 6 products built to accept this file type. This currently includes the "Helix Core" group: Helix hardware and software, HX hardware, and POD Go.

No. These libraries will never be made available in wave audio (.wav) format, and are currently only available through the Line 6 Marketplace web store.

From your account (1), click on Marketplace Downloads (2), then on the library you wish to download (3):

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The specifics are considered proprietary, and the relevant disclosable information can be found in the "IR Voicings" section of the PDF documentation included with the purchased library from the Line 6 Marketplace.

The price point per library is dependent on the amount of content provided. $19.99 priced libraries have one "speaker option" section, where $29.99 priced libraries have three. Thereby the higher priced libraries have 300% more content for an only 50% increase in price.

No, and for several reasons:

  • The maximum amount of IR's that can mixed within Helix and HX patches via split/parallel impulse response blocks is 2, to which the Multi-Speaker Mixdown files are comprised of 4 independently leveled components.

  • All of the files are mixed by ear, and all end up leveled at different values as a result. Mixing the "X" files will not garner the same sound.

  • The IR's are mixed in ways using procedures and tools not possible outside of OwnHammer development, again resulting in a unique sound.

  • Using multiple impulse response blocks results in their resolution halving to 1024 samples, where Multi-Speaker Mixdown files only use 1 block and stand at a resolution of the full 2048 samples.

  • Units like Pod GO do not allow for multiple cabinet blocks, thus any kind of mixing is not possible.

As can be observed, the results the Multi-Speaker Mixdown libraries achieve cannot be recreated, thus their necessity as separate sales items.

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