115 VVRB E130


Released on November 29, 2019.

The "115 VVRB" is based on and seeking to recreate the sound of a Fender® Vibroverb 1x15 open back combo.

The "E130" is based on and seeking to recreate the sound of a 15 inch, 8-ohm JBL® E130-8 made in 1981.

The Cabinet (115 VVRB)
"As with most open back cabinets from this manufacturer, the thinner pine construction lends itself to a less rigid and more resonant structure, though the VERY open back prevents much internal cabinet reflection. This yields an open and clear sound that allows the speaker to do most of the talking." The Speaker (E130)
"The E130-8 specimens in the OwnHammer collection are impeccable, in museum/time capsule NOS condition, and simply sound incredible for what they do. JBL guitar speakers have a tendency to have a lot of upper mids and top end, and while there is certainly a clear top to this speaker (which helps in clearing space for putting a Tube Screamer up front), it was also used as the woofer component in hi-fi systems in its day and this consistency shows through. As a result, the E130 has a very even response and taper compared to what one would typically think of with speakers like the D120." The Combination
"For those who are seeking the quintessential Texas blues tone made famous by the timeless, legendary musician Stevie Ray Vaughan, this is the best place to start. While most certainly having an eclectic gear arsenal, the use of this cab and speaker pairing were the core of the SRV sound, and can be seen in his back line on so many occasions. Once you play through these IR's, you just 'get it', and it goes without saying that the neck pickup in a Strat hitting a Fender® type amp on the edge of breakup sounds amazing, as should be no surprise!"
- Kevin Rowe (OwnHammer Owner/Developer)

  • 16 carefully and strategically placed single mic files
  • 7 industry standard microphones:
    57 - 87 - 121 - 160 - 414 - 421 - 84 (aux)
  • 61 meticulously crafted proprietary multi-mic mixes
  • 8 voicing variations per mic and mix file
  • major production/mastering grade signal chain

Please read this section carefully!

Wave Audio (.wav)

Wave audio format IR's (.wav) are compatible with convolution reverb type loaders in recording software and outboard hardware units and are provided in:
  • 24 bit resolution
  • 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz sample rates
  • minimum phase transformed
  • 208 millisecond Mono
  • 500 millisecond TrueStereo™


If your platform cannot load .wav files, make sure you explore the free or commercial conversion applications available elsewhere for your device. As per Section 9. Terms of Sale of the Terms of Use Agreement, there are NO REFUNDS ON DIGITAL GOODS, which includes this library.

115 VVRB
E130 Clean
115 VVRB
E130 Dirty

Included File 01:

Included File 02:


Impulse Response Libraries
  • Acustica Audio N3
  • Fractal Audio Format
  • Line 6 Format
  • Wave Audio Format
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