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OwnHammer Nebula libraries were developed and released from 2011 to 2013 for the commercial Nebula 3 plugin, version 1.3.504. At the time of release, this library was tested extensively by a multi-faceted beta group, verified unanimously by the user community following public availability, and proven to operate with 100% functionality within its design specification. Due to the age of this content, it is now considered END-OF-LIFE and provided UNSUPPORTED by OwnHammer. Any ability or inability for the files to operate correctly is PURELY a function of (1) proper installation, configuration, and operation on the part of the user and (2) the Nebula version being used having backwards-compatibility for libraries generated with this version of the program compiler.

As this content is UNSUPPORTED and provided AS-IS, under NO circumstances will OwnHammer engage in ANY form of pre-sales or post-sales communication regarding this library, pertaining to any conversation topic. This library is offered as a functionality check to see if the other OwnHammer Legacy Nebula Libraries will function within your version of Nebula. The hardware implemented here is extremely transparent, so the functionality check will be a much more visual experience than an auditory one, save for adjustment of the H-DST slider which should provide subtle auditory results between extremes. If after installation the included program shows up in your menu system, and you can load it without error, the rest of the OwnHammer Nebula Legacy Libraries will operate successfully in a similar fashion.

This Library

The "Analogalizer" library contains Acustica Audio Nebula preamp/console style gain stage coloration programs based on the Earthworks 1022 stereo preamp.

Measurement data was acquired via Prism Orpheus conversion, Vovox cables, and Avedis Audio adapters.

Feature Set

Drive Configuration:
Each program has a dual gain control, one for adjusting input/output levels (and subsequently where in the dynamic convolution set the audio will pass through), and one for increasing or decreasing harmonic saturation at the assigned level.

That said, this preamp, as the 1st party description of the hardware suggests, has completely clean input and gain stage sections which do not overdrive, at all. However, the unit's circuitry does exude a baseline harmonic distortion nonetheless that remains consistent regardless of how the unit is driven. All this adds up to a nice subtle injection of color with a very flat frequency response; great for adding soft amounts saturation to your tracks without altering the frequency response much at all.
Programs (1):
  • Analogalizer
    Microphone level and impedance signal fed to the microphone input.

File Format

  • Compatible Platform: Nebula by Acustica Audio
  • Nebula Version Required: Nebula 2 & 3 (commercial version ONLY) v1.3.504 and above
  • File Inclusions: Program & Vector file pairs (.n2p, .n2v)
  • Sample Rate: 96 kHz (Nebula can re-sample internally to other rates)
  • 10 Kernel harmonic depth
  • GDRIVE+DRIVE gain structure control


Included File 01:

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