Tone Titan TS7


Released on September 08, 2011.

Sample library of sections from a Ibanez TS7 (tube screamer type) pedal and Great River EQ-1NV.                

This is a Nebula ONLY sample library. In order to use the files sold here you must have a registered version of the "commercial" Nebula VST/AU platform from Acustica Audio. For more information on Nebula and Nebula versions, please see the Nebula Platform F.A.Q.

Platform Inclusions & Details:

- Acustica Audio Nebula -

  • Version Required: Nebula 2 & 3 (commercial version only) v1.3.492 and above
  • File Format: Program & Vector file pairs (.n2p, .n2v)
  • Sample Rate: 96 kHz (Nebula can re-sample internally to other rates)

Product Summary:

A phonetic play on the word "tighten" that defines the inherent functional purpose, the Tone Titan Pedals have been created to be placed before the amp in your signal chain to 'de-flub' the low end, giving the tracks better note articulation and cut. 2 faders are provided:

- HPass -

Sampled Hi-Pass filter section of a Great River EQ-1NV

- Tone -

Sampled Tone knob section of an Ibanez TS7

The addition of the high pass filter allows you to take the common 'tone at 10' setting and tighten it even further. Pushing the high pass and tone faders to their maximum values, it's a djentleman's best friend! The flexibility of this setup continues to extend as you have the power to dial out lows by pushing the high pass fader up while keeping the tone fader at moderate levels. This way you can tighten up the bass without being forced into the sometimes honky midrange that maxing the tone knob on a Tube Screamer style pedal typically results in.

Through the power and flexibility of the Nebula platform, both faders are provided as continuously variable to allow for added flexibility and control.

Sound Clips

Frequency Response Plots

Included File 01:

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