Standard Series
(2015 - 2018)

The Standard Series represents the intermediary time period of OwnHammer production trailblazing, and presents with it a feature set centering around the concept of mic position capture in as well as nearly around the sweet spot for each microphone. The methodology behind the capture process results in a sound that has more emphasis on the low and high end, with the latter having a somewhat pillowy nature to its extension.

Item Name Price-

112 DVRB Standard Bundle

"112 DVRB" based on a Fender® Deluxe Reverb® open back 1x12 combo. 417 Based on a 1977 Altec™ 417-8H....

112 TDLX Standard Bundle

"112 TDLX" based on a Narrow Panel Tweed Deluxe open back 1x12 combo. "C12R" based on a 1966 Jensen C12R. "P12R"...

212 BGOS Standard Bundle

"212 BGOS" based on a Bogner oversized closed back 2x12 cabinet. "M25" based on Celestion G12M-25 "Greenbacks"....

212 RECT Standard Bundle

"212 RECT" based on a MESA/Boogie® horizontal Rectifier® 2x12 cabinet. EDVH Based on Celestion® G12EVH...

212 VC30 Standard Bundle

"212 VC30" based on a Vox® AC30/6 open back fawn 2x12 combo. BLU-93 Based on 1993 Celestion® Blue Alnico's....

410 SVRB Standard Bundle

"410 SVRB" based on a Super Reverb® open back 4x10 combo. "C10R" based on vintage Jensen® C10R speakers....

412 EDVH Standard Bundle

"412 EDVH" based on an EVH 5150 III 4x12 cabinet. "M20-PR" based on pre-Rola 75 Hz Celestion® 20 watt G12M's....

412 ENG Standard Bundle

"412 ENG" based on an ENGL PRO 4x12 cabinet. "12C" based on Celestion® G12C's. "V30" based on Celestion®...

412 FMAN Standard Bundle

"412 FMAN" based on a Friedman™ BE-412 4x12 cabinet. M25M Based on 2016 Celestion® T1221 G12M Greenback...

412 MRCB Standard Bundle

The “412 MRCB” is based on and seeking to recreate the sound of a 1970’s Marshall® 1960B 4x12 closed back cabinet with “checkerboard” grill...

412 RECT Standard Bundle

"412 RECT" based on a MESA/Boogie® Rectifier® standard straight 4x12 cabinet. C90 Based on Celestion®...

California Duo

"212 3QTR" based on a MESA/Boogie® Three Quarter semi open back 2x12 cabinet. "BLU" based on 1963 Celestion® T530 blue AlNiCo speakers. "C90"...

Class-A Duo

"112 VC15" based on a Vox® AC15H1TVL open back solid mahogany 1x12 combo. “BCT” based on a Celestion® Bad Cat® proprietary speaker. “BLU”...

Core Tone Bundle

112 DVRB Based on a Fender® Deluxe Reverb® open back 1x12 combo. FN-AXA Based on a Fane™ AXA-12. 212 VC30 Based on...

Heavy Hitters Collection - Volume I

"412 DZL" based on a Diezel® front loaded 4x12 cabinet. "12K" based on Celestion® G12K-100 speakers. "GOV" based on Eminence® Governor...

Heavy Hitters Collection - Volume II

"212 ZLFB" based on a Zilla™ Fatboy closed back 2x12 cabinet. “H75” based on Celestion® G12H-75 Creamback speakers. “LYN” based on...

Uber Duo

"412 UBKF" based on a 2012 front loaded Bogner® Uberkab 4x12 cabinet. "100" based on 2002 Celestion® Hot 100 speakers. "T75" based on 2012...


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