Single Cabinet Libraries


This digital product category consists of Wave Audio (.wav) impulse response file libraries loaded into the below listed singular loudspeaker enclosure cabinets.

Utilizing OwnHammer's most recent (r)Evolution Cabinet Modeling techniques and methodology, libraries in this subcategory have an incredibly detailed and focused sound, particularly in the midrange. The provided feature set is the amalgamation of a decade of market first innovations and fine tuning, combined with user feedback from all use applications and stylistic preferences to find a perfect harmony between diversity, simplicity, freshness, and familiarity. Files here are provided in both 208 ms Mono and 500 ms TrueStereo™ iterations.

For those who want it ALL, the Massively Multi-Mic Libraries have just that. Each library features a motherlode of mics captured in numerous positions each, across multiple configurations of the cabinet or speakers. While the options are abound, folder and file organization renders an easy user experience. Sonically these libraries find themselves at a middle ground between the Standard Series and (r)Evolution Series content.

The Standard Series represents the intermediary time period of OwnHammer production trailblazing, and presents with it a feature set centering around the concept of mic position capture in as well as nearly around the sweet spot for each microphone. The methodology behind the capture process results in a sound that has more emphasis on the low and high end, with the latter having a somewhat pillowy nature to its extension.

Legacy Series items represent the earliest efforts in OwnHammer product development, when the lands were largely uncharted territory. Experimentation abound, and each item is truly unique to itself. Diamonds in the rough are sure to be found here.


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