Line 6

The OwnHammer products in this category are links to content found in the Line 6 Marketplace web store. These items are sold by Line 6, and provided in their proprietary format(s) that can be used with any registered Helix family, HX family, and/or POD Go product. These are not sold on the OwnHammer website, and will only function within the aforementioned Line 6 hardware/software.

The OwnHammer Workhorse libraries are the flagship products in the OwnHammer catalog. The ultimate composite of quality and quantity, optimization and diversity, the content within is simply unparalleled by every possible metric. The included 60 cabinets, 2 unique speakers plus a hybrid blend, and 5 capture voicing types with multiple extended placement options are all presented with common language that anyone can understand, with a clarity, familiarity, and result that everyone will love.

The OwnHammer Player Packs provide a much condensed feature set when compared to the related full scale wave audio format offerings. Serving up the bare essentials, these libraries are quick, easy, and accessible to any musician, but functionally diverse enough for any highly skilled engineer.

There are no products to list in this category.


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