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OwnHammer products displayed in this category link to external content found in the Line 6 Marketplace web store. These items are sold and supported by Line 6, and provided in their proprietary format(s) that can be used exclusively with any registered Helix family, HX family, and/or POD Go product.

W o r k h o r s e   C o l l e c t i o n s

The OwnHammer Workhorse libraries are the flagship products in the OwnHammer impulse response library catalog. The ultimate composite of quality AND quantity, optimization AND diversity, the content within is simply unparalleled by every possible metric. The included voicing options for all of the 60 cabinets in each library are all presented in common language terminology that anyone can understand and relate to, with a sonic clarity, familiarity, and application result that everyone will love.

As mentioned in the Line 6 category overview at the top of this page, all product links below direct to the Line 6 website.

P l a y e r   P a c k s

The OwnHammer Player Packs provide a much condensed feature set when compared to the related full scale wave audio format offerings. Serving up the bare essentials, these libraries are quick, easy, and accessible to any musician, but functionally diverse enough for any highly skilled engineer. Additional information can be found HERE.

As mentioned in the Line 6 category overview at the top of this page, all product links below direct to the Line 6 website.

Line 6 Marketplace
Player Pack

112 DVRB
Line 6 Marketplace
Player Pack

212 RECT
Line 6 Marketplace
Player Pack

212 VC30
Line 6 Marketplace
Player Pack

412 FMAN
Line 6 Marketplace
Player Pack

412 RECT
Line 6 Marketplace
Player Pack

F r e q u e n t l y   A s k e d   Q u e s t i o n s

No. Libraries in this category contain files that are in Line 6's ".hir" file format, which is a proprietary encryption only readable by the Line 6 products built to accept this file type. This currently includes the "Helix Core" group: Helix hardware and software, HX hardware, and POD Go.

No. The content in this category will never be made available in wave audio (.wav) format, and at the current time are only available through the Line 6 Marketplace web store.

From your account (1), click on Marketplace Downloads (2), then on the library you wish to download (3):

(click to enlarge)

First and foremost, content sold in the Line 6 Marketplace is copy protect encrypted. In order to load Marketplace IR's and Presets into a compatible Line 6 hardware device or software program, the latter needs to be registered to the same account that the IR's/Presets are purchased from and assigned to. More often than not, those experiencing a license error simply have not registered their hardware/software yet, and doing so will resolve the licensing error.

The specifics are considered proprietary, and the relevant disclosable information can be found in the "IR Voicings" section of the PDF documentation included with the purchased library from the Line 6 Marketplace.

The price point per library is dependent on the amount of content provided. $19.99 priced libraries have one "speaker option" section, where $29.99 priced libraries have three. Thereby the higher priced libraries have 300% total content for an only 50% increase in price.

No, and for several reasons:

  • The maximum amount of IR's that can mixed within Helix and HX patches via split/parallel impulse response blocks is 2, to which the Multi-Speaker Mixdown files are comprised of 4 independently leveled components.

  • All of the files are mixed by ear, and all end up leveled at different values as a result. Mixing the "X" files will not garner the same sound.

  • The IR's are mixed in ways using procedures and tools not possible outside of OwnHammer development, again resulting in a unique sound.

  • Using multiple impulse response blocks results in their resolution halving to 1024 samples, where Multi-Speaker Mixdown files only use 1 block and stand at a resolution of the full 2048 samples.

  • Units like Pod GO do not allow for multiple cabinet blocks, thus any kind of mixing is not possible.

As can be observed, the results the Multi-Speaker Mixdown libraries achieve cannot be recreated, thus their necessity as separate sales items.

No. To see the similarities and differences between the two, please reference the relevant section on the Player Pack Extended Information page.

As noted on the Player Pack Extended Information page, no. Player Pack libraries are separate and unique products exclusively sold and supported by Line 6 - a financially and operationally independent company from OwnHammer - and do not translate to anything on the OwnHammer website.

There are no products to list in this category.


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