Legacy Libraries
(2010 - 2015)

Legacy Series items represent the earliest efforts in OwnHammer product development, when the lands of guitar cabinet impulse responses were largely uncharted territory. Experimentation abound, and each item is truly unique to itself. The feature sets vary from library to library, and while most are more minimalistic in terms of mics, mic positions, and mix types, they have been bundled together to provide greater diversity in terms of cabinet and/or speaker inclusions per package. Diamonds in the rough are sure to be found here. The Studio Mix Collection, for example, is still the go-to IR live sound solution for international megastars.

Item Name+ Price

212 MR66 Multi-Speaker Collection

"212 MR66" based on a Marshall® 1966B 2x12 closed back cabinet. 417-H ALN-BLU ALN-SLV ALP-12 BS-90 CL-80-OR CL-80-RI...

Marsh-UK Collection

112 MRCX Based on a Marshall® 1974cx 1x12 cabinet. FANE speaker based on a 1977 Fane™ 122142. M20 speaker based on a 1966 Celestion®...

Studio Mix Collection

112 DLX 212 BOG 412 MAR 417-H*** ALN-BLU** ALN-SLV*** CL-80** CL-OR* D-120*** ER-24* EV-L** EV-S*** EV-SRO* FN-42***...

V1 Collection

Contains all V1 .wav libraries released from 2010 to 2013. Core V1 Libraries: 108 VIB F59 112 THL BLU 112 THL EVL 412 BOG V30 412 MES V31 412...


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