NEB (Neb-Syx)

Speaker Cabinets NEB (Standard Nebula Series) provide a variety of individual microphone options with a positioning labeling system that is both easy to use and understand, promoting quality over quantity. Add to that the ability to blend in the OwnHammer "Fat" recipe, and the tonal depth extends without any added complexity.

NEB Libraries Include:

Program and vector files for use with Acustica Audio's commercial Nebula platform.

Minimum phase aligned Fractal Audio SysEx files for Axe-Fx & Axe-Fx II users.

Truncated 48 kHz mono wave audio versions of the SysEx files for mixing and conversion in external applications.

For more information, please see any of the below product pages or the Speaker Cabinets Overview page.
Nebula 3 Interface Controls:
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Nebula, pictured above, is a VST/AU platform sold separately and can be purchased from Acustica Audio.

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