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What are they?

First and foremost, the OwnHammer Player Packs are condensed feature set impulse response libraries that are being sold by 3rd party vendors on their websites in their proprietary file formats for use with their proprietary hardware and software. This fileset is also a part of the features of the Massively Multi-Mic Libraries offered on the OwnHammer website.

In the use application field for guitar and bass cabinet impulse responses, over time with the emergence and popularity of outboard platforms - be it digital amp modelers or load boxes with impulse response loading capabilities - the majority consumer base has slowly shifted from studio engineers and recordists to performers building their own sounds and taking these not only to the studio but to the stage. With this change in consumer demographic, the feature and option set requirement has also moved from something verbose, complex, and capable of the tiniest variation in nuance for the more technically oriented and experienced user, to the 'grab and go' mentality of the creativity and performance oriented user.

Enter the OwnHammer Player Packs

With a much more simplified presentation, these impulse response libraries offer a scaled back file inclusion list, but leave all of the best parts as well as add some new options to the palette. This way guitarists and recordists who just want to be provided a minimalized but powerful set of IR's can be up and running quickly with the same commercial level sound quality that OwnHammer is known around the globe for.

Using the best hand selected specimens of the industry standard gear used for recording electric guitar, and a file naming language that is quick and intuitive to follow, the Player Packs enable the user to get superior and professional sounding cabinet and speaker impulse response files in their chain in just a couple of clicks. The individual mic placements are set to offer a sweet spot, bright (-B), and dark (-D) option, and the mic mixes are labeled by tonality, none of which are guitar, genre, or gain structure specific. Choose what works best with your taste, signal chain, and use application, and jam away!

Where can I buy them?

As aforementioned, these libraries are only available on the OwnHammer website in .wav format as a part of the feature set in the Massively Multi-Mic Libraries, and primarily offered through external resellers in their proprietary file formats, usable in their proprietary hardware/software. The scope of offerings that these manufacturers provide enables these proprietary files to be used with virtually any other platform for most use cases - recording and live sound - with digital and analog amps, pedals, etc.

Player Packs can currently be purchased from the following thrid party vendors:

Does purchasing these entitle me to any
content or discounts from the OwnHammer site?

No, these are separate products sold and supported by the 3rd parties listed above. If you have questions about purchase, proprietary file format, installation, or use within the software/hardware, please contact them through their support channels.

Additional Information

For additional information on the feature sets, file inclusions, and any potential overlap with OwnHammer.com website offerings, please see the following platform specific Player Pack info pages:

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