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F r e q u e n c y   D i s c o u n t

The Frequency Discount is a return customer and bulk purchase reward system, calculated at checkout time, that reduces your purchase total based on the amount you have previously spent in the store as well as your current cart contents.

Current discount levels are:
  • Spend $100.00 or more, get 10% off
  • Spend $150.00 or more, get 15% off
  • Spend $200.00 or more, get 20% off
  • Spend $250.00 or more, get 25% off
Past spending is calculated as follows:
  • Checking all prior purchases (no date cutoff)
  • Totaling all orders


Impulse Response Libraries
  • Acustica Audio N3
  • Fractal Audio Format
  • Line 6 Format
  • Wave Audio Format
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