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No, but the framework used is PayPal Express Checkout which does not require a PayPal account (in most countries, see below entry for exclusions) - credit cards can be entered in just the same as if PayPal were not involved in the process. To this end, this also allows for payment by other PayPal specific payment types such as PayPal Credit and PayPal Balance. Payment by eCheck, however, has been disabled.

The world is always changing, and not necessarily for the better. With global cyber crime constantly on the rise, especially post-2020, PayPal in some nations/territories requires a PayPal account for all transactions despite the aforementioned Express API framework empoyed. This is entirely a requirement of PayPal, presumably either implemented as a precautionary measure on their part for fraud and accountability purposes, or due to imposed government policy requirement. In these instances, there is nothing that OwnHammer can do to alter these conditions, as they are set by PayPal, not OwnHammer.

As of the most recent update of this post, we have had customers report this to be the case in the following countries/territories:
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Spain
As aforementioned in the previous FAQ entry, at the current time the OwnHammer website relies solely on PayPal for payment processing. If this causes issue, content via our partners (Line 6 | Fractal Audio) may be accessible via different payment methods.

Unfortunately no. OwnHammer is a PayPal only store, and we do not have a workaround for this situation at this time.

First and foremost, the website will never send "direct download links" to your email, and rather functions off of a user account framework where the content you purchase is downloaded directly from the website by logging into your account and viewing the orders in your purchase history.

When executing a transaction, once completed PayPal will forward you back to your account to the order you just made where you can download the file(s) from clicking the "Download" button on the right side of the returning page for each line item.

If you wish to download or need to re-download the files at a later time, simply return to the OwnHammer website and login to your account. Once logged in, click on "My Account" which will appear in the navigation bar at the top of the website. From there, you can view the details of your past transactions for access to the download links in your account's order history.

Yes, information on the Frequency Discount can be found in the General Information sidebox on the bottom left of the main/store area of the website at any time.

No. The OwnHammer website instead offers a year round, universally available and non-exclusionary rewards program called the Frequency Discount, availalbe to everyone.

VERY rarely. Again, the Frequency Discount is our year-round sale on our already industry best price points. Any such occurence only takes place on very special occasions, under impromptu circumstances, and typically revolving around the introductino period of a major release, rather than a specific day or time of the year are items temporarily discounted. For these rare and unpredictable sales, there are no "rainchecks" past the defined period.

No, as is a common practice among digital product vendors for obvious reasons. As noted on all product pages and in the Terms of Use Agreement on the website, all sales are final.

No. Legacy libraries that have been discontinued have been so because they either do not meet the current sonic requirements and therefor do not serve current brand reputation, do not and/or can not meet the current file format standards and presentations, and/or were part of third party agreements/collaborations that are no longer active. If it cannot be found in the current menu or through the search function, it is not available.

No. Libraries are only available as they are presented on the website.

No. These are separate, unique, and non-duplicate products sold and supported by the 3rd party OwnHammer partners. While in a few cases there are similarities, there are no direct counterparts in wave audio format on the OwnHammer website. If you have questions about purchase, proprietary file format, installation, or use within the software/hardware, please first contact them through their support channels.

No. Licenses are only granted to the original buyer and are UNDER ABSOLUTELY NO CIRCUMSTANCES legally transferrable.

Firstly, it is an extremely, extremely rare occurence that server resources or bandwidth is peaking on the OwnHammer site, as numerous measures have been taken to prevent such conditions.

If you are experiencing unnaturally slow speeds on download, in our experience from over a decade of running the website there is a 99% chance that you are using an internet service provider from or subsidiary to the AT&T company. Unfortunately, in our observation through direct experience their method of globally preventing/filtering spam is blindly blacklisting the IP subnets of larger hosting company's data centers. With http/https traffic, the method applied is EXTREME throttling. As the OwnHammer dedicated server resides in one of the largest hosting facilities in Salt Lake City, we are subject to this descriminatory practice as an indirect casualty. Any attempts to manually whitelist our IP address seems to be overwritten by automated scripts, and the issue never resolves.

If you are having these issues, we encourage you to download the files from an alternate location that is not through the AT&T umbrella of services. In the off chance that you are experiencing a slow download and are not using an AT&T based ISP, we recommend cancelling and restarting a slow file download.

The short answer is yes, the mail service is always up on the OwnHammer website. Directly related to the above F.A.Q. entry, there is a small chance that your email is being filtered to spam or promotions containers by your email service and a very large chance that you have an AT&T/AT&T subsidiary based mailbox.

If you NEVER get ANY email from us it is almost guaranteed that you are using an AT&T based email address (,,,,,,,,,,, or In addition to crippling throttling speeds for http/https port traffic, in our observation through direct experience AT&T flat out blocks all email traffic from aforementioned large data centers as what appears to be a blind method of controlling spam.

As mentioned above, we have tried working with them for years to resolve this issue, but the short of it is that they simply cannot or will not enact actions or policies that change this. To receive email from the OwnHammer website, please log into your OwnHammer account, and in the My Account area update your email address to that of a mailbox not within the AT&T network.

A) No

B) There is a 99.9999% chance you are generating a PayPal 10486 error. The most common reasons for this are that the credit card does not have enough balance on it to cover the order, that the card is expired, that there was an error in entering personal information (name, address, etc) and verification from your issuing card/bank declined it, or that your card is declining the transaction due to security settings. While rare, the latter most instance can occur, almost always with credit cards not based in the United States, where there is a security setting on the card that indicates processing requests from "all internet transactions". In all of these situations, this is a failure to approve/authorize/process the transaction on the part of your issuing bank (vast majority causality) or the through the very capable, industry standard PayPal payment processing system.

**PLEASE NOTE** DOES NOT perform, authorize, or have any control over payment processing; this is a function entirely relied upon through an exchange between your card's bank and PayPal. There is nothing that can be done from the OwnHammer side in the event of a transaction refusal/error, and it is recommended to try another card or attempt the transaction again at a later time, double checking your information you enter in the process.

No. Order confirmation emails are sent through automated processes, adhere to only one global layout template, and will not be created nor provided alternatively upon request. The OwnHammer store is based in the United States, and does not and will not generate receipts in European VAT invoice formats, German tax form itemization/deduction format, paper mail receipts, or any other proprietary layouts - only the default order confirmation emails that are automatically sent out by the server for every order.

These order confirmation/receipt emails are sent in plain text, so this information can be copied, pasted, reorganized, printed, etc. on your end in a text editor for your records if they are needed to be presented in a specific way for your tax season itemization purposes, should they not be conforming to your personal requirements as they were originally sent to you. If you are not receiving order confirmation emails, check the spam / filtered / other / promotions / etc. sections of your email host's organizational structure as emails ARE sent with EVERY order by the store framework.

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