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Do OwnHammer .wav IR's work with the
Fractal Audio Axe-Fx Family of products?

As mentioned on the Fractal Audio Tutorials page:

Yes for the Axe-Fx II and up and AX8 running certain versions of software and through specific loading processes. Please see the previously linked tutorials page for details.

For the Axe-Fx gen 1 (Standard / Ultra), no, not without conversion to gen 1 .syx format.

Which sample rate/channel count/etc should I
use with my Fractal Audio device?

As mentioned in the File Formats tutorial page:

the mono, 48 kHz, 200 ms, minimum phase transformed files are ideal.

The files I purchased from the Fractal website are an ".ir" and/or
".syx" file extension; aren't they supposed to be ".wav"?

No. As noted on the Player Packs Information Page, items sold in the Fractal Audio web store will be in their proprietary format for use ONLY with their proprietary hardware/software. As also noted on that page, these are products sold by Fractal Audio in partnership with OwnHammer, and Fractal Audio has control over and responsibility for their format, function, and compatibility.

The .wav IR's are greyed out |or| are throwing an
error when I try to load them, why?

The loading procedures need to be followed to the letter as outlined in the Fractal Audio Tutorials page. They do not necessarily have the same drag and drop capability that the proprietary .ir/.syx files have as a function of the Fractal Audio software/editors.

In some cases we have had it reported that Apple operating systems/devices also have issues with file security permissions. We do not use (nor recommend) the Apple platforms, but have had it reported that unzipping the files again can remove them of the restrictive file ownership properties that may cause this issue.

In both of the above situations, this is not a problem with the .wav IR files, but quirks of the management software and operating platform. To this end, OwnHammer is not the proper channel for further assistance.

OwnHammer used to provide a program called Axe-O-Matic
and aomDSP that among other things converted for Fractal
gen 1 SysEx, where have they gone?

With the passing of the developer (Lynn Oliver) and later in cooperation with Fractal Audio Systems per the presence of their later developed proprietary Cab Lab software, this has been permanently removed and is no longer available nor will be provided under any circumstances. For information on conversion to gen 1 .syx, please contact Fractal Audio Systems for support.


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