Core Tone Bundle


Released on March 24, 2017.

The Core Tone Bundle is a pre-packaged, price discounted multi-cabinet bundle containing the following individual library selections from the OwnHammer catalog:

212 VC30 BLU-93
412 MR82 M75
412 RECTO V70

The content herein is therefor non-exclusive, and can be purchased individually if desired.


"112 DVRB" based on a Fender Deluxe Reverb open back 1x12 combo.

"FN-AXA" based on a Fane AXA-12.
Total Amount of Unique Files: 191 IR's

"212 VC30" based on a Vox AC30/6 open back fawn 2x12 combo.

"BLU-93" based on 1993 Celestion Blue Alnico's.
Total Amount of Unique Files: 207 IR's

"412 MR82" based on a Marshall 1982B "tall" 4x12 cabinet.

"M75A" and "M75B" based on pre-Rola Celestion 75 Hz G12M-25's.
Total Amount of Unique Files: 382 IR's

"412 RECTO" based on a Mesa Standard/Oversized straight 4x12 cabinet.

"V70A" and "V70B" based on 70 watt Vintage 30's.
Total Amount of Unique Files: 410 IR's


"57" based on a modern production Shure SM57 dynamic mic.
"70" based on a Microtech Gefell UMT70S condenser mic.
"121" based on a Royer R121 ribbon mic.
"160" based on a Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon mic.
"414" based on an AKG C414B-ULS condenser mic.
"421" based on a vintage Telefunken MD421 dynamic mic.
"MID" based on a mid field placed AEA R92 ribbon mic.
"REAR" based on a vintage Neumann KM84 condenser mic.
"ROOM" based on a vintage Neumann KM84 condenser mic.

Also included but not pictured:
"58" based on a Shure SM58 dynamic mic. (212 VC30 Only)
"7B" based on a Shure SM7B dynamic mic. (412 RECTO Only)


Power Amplification
• neutral tube amp

• Prism Orpheus

Microphone Amplification
• BAE 1073mp

• Vovox Sonorus



Please read this section carefully!
Wave Audio (.wav)
Wave audio format IR's (.wav) are compatible with convolution reverb type loaders in recording software and outboard hardware units and are provided in:
  • 24 bit resolution
  • 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz sample rates
  • mono channel count
  • minimum phase transformed ("Mpt") and non-minimum phase transformed
  • 200 and 500 ms decay tail lengths
For added convenience, .wav files appropriate for conversion or submission to the following platforms have been separated out and designated within the library structure:
  • Atomic Amplifire
  • Fractal Audio Systems hardware/software
  • Kemper Profiling Amp
  • Line 6 Helix
  • Two Notes hardware

If your platform cannot load .wav files, make sure you explore the free or commercial conversion applications available elsewhere for your device. As per Section 9. Terms of Sale of the Terms of Use Agreement, there are NO REFUNDS ON DIGITAL GOODS, which includes this library.



See the individual libraries linked at the top of this page for folder and file layout screenshots

Total Amount of Combined Unique Files: 1190 IR's

See the TUTORIALS section for simple quick-use tips and a tone chart!


Included File 01:

Included File 02:

Included File 03:

Included File 04:

Included File 05:

Included File 06:

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