OwnHammer provides premium aftermarket speaker cabinet impulse responses in wave audio format for use with convolution reverb plugins in digital audio workstations as well as digital modelers and outboard loaders such as:
  • Atomic Amplifire
  • Fractal Audio Systems hardware/software
  • Kemper Profiling Amp
  • Line 6 Helix
  • Logidy EPSi
  • Two Notes hardware
  • Yamaha THR100HD/THR100H
Please see your platform provider for information on how to import .wav format impulse responses, and enjoy your tone quest with OwnHammer IR's!



Based on 2x10 and 4x10 Ampeg SVT cabinets

Justin York Collection

Based on Vox and Mesa Boogie cabinets

Marsh-UK Collection

Based on several vintage and modern Marshall cabinets

Studio Mix Collection

Based on multiple iconic cabinets and speakers


112 DLX

Based on a Mojotone Narrow Panel Deluxe open back 1x12 cabinet


Based on a 1960's Fender Deluxe Reverb open back 1x12 combo

212 BOG-OS

Based on a Bogner oversized closed back 2x12 cabinet

212 BOG-SH

Based on a Bogner Shiva open back 2x12 cabinet

212 MAR-66

Based on a Marshall 1966B closed back 2x12 cabinet

212 MES-RC

Based on a Mesa Boogie closed back Rectifier 2x12 cabinet

212 VX30

Based on a Vox AC30 Top Boost open back 2x12 combo

212 VXT

Based on a Vox open back 2x12 extension cabinet

410 BOG

Based on a Bogner open back 4x10 cabinet


Based on a Mojotone Super Reverb 4x10 cabinet

412 BOG-ST

Based on a Bogner Standard 4x12 cabinet

412 DZL-RL

Based on a Diezel rear loaded 4x12 cabinet

412 ENG

Based on an Engl PRO 4x12 cabinet

412 MAR-CB

Based on a 1970's Marshall 1960B 4x12 cabinet

412 MES-OS

Based on a 2008 Mesa Boogie Standard straight 4x12 cabinet

412 MES-ST

Based on a 2001 Mesa Boogie Standard slant 4x12 cabinet

412 MES-TR

Based on a 2001 Mesa Boogie Traditional 4x12 cabinet

412 ORNG

Based on an Orange PPC412 4x12 cabinet

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