Multi-Cabinet Collections

The staple series of the OwnHammer impulse response libraries, the Multi-Cabinet Collections provide family groups of manufacturer or theme specific enclosures and speakers. Want a British, USA, or Boutique sound and a plethora of ideal options within it? The single point MCC's have got you covered on your way to best and easiest tones you've ever achieved.

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Artist Signature Collections

These sounds have reached and moved millions from the studio and the stage, and are now available to you through the OwnHammer Artist Signature Collections! World class professional gear and classic tones, all of which have been meticulously captured with unrivaled detail and accuracy, provided in feature sets co-crafted by the artist themselves.

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Multi-Speaker Collections

The ultimate wide net tool set for finding YOUR sound! The Multi-Speaker Collection libraries provide an idealized mic'ing and capture set applied to just about every speaker imaginable, and are wrapped up in bulging but tidy packages with individual mics and pre-made mixes to supply you with all you need for any sound in any application.

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Multi-Mic Collections

The Multi-Mic Collections put a studio arsenal at your fingertips with a plethora of mics, mic positions, and capture types for the best, most popular, and commonly used cabinets and speakers. With massive amounts of micro-options and a sizable contribution of ready made mixes from OwnHammer and others in the music and audio industry, the MMC libraries are simply must haves.

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The features and techniques in the current generation of speaker cabinet impulse response libraries didn't happen overnight, and there were certainly some adventures along the way. The legacy libraries encompass the roads traveled to get here, containing the gems they bestowed in their unique methodologies, inclusions, sonic textures, and format provisions.

In addition to speaker cabinets, the legacy section also includes hardware samples of EQ's, microphone preamps, guitar power amp sections, and guitar pedals for the commercial Nebula platform.

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